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    Changing data sources leads to +30sec calculation times?!

    Tj Claridge

      Hey All,


      Interesting question for you. I've created a dashboard I plan to use as a template and just swap out the data at the source; right now an excel file. I've been able to port over the new data source using a few methods I found here on the forums but now I can't create an extract of the new data source or all my views take +30secs to load. I take off the extract and they zip right along at < 8secs easily.


      Any ideas as to why this is happening? No dimension labels changed and new source data has approximately 10,000 less rows and about 5 less columns. Nothing here indicates to me that it should take MORE time to calculate the views let alone seeing an increase of 30 seconds for simply turning on extracts.


      Thanks in advance!