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    ODBC Data Source through Tableau Server

    Jatin Grover



      I have a ODBC data source that connects to Vertica using the "Connect As.. Driver", option in the ODBC data sources dialog box. The drivers that I am using on the Tableau Desktop and the Tableau Server are both the same 32-bit drivers that I installed on the separate machines. (I am still surprised that Tableau is not able to find the drivers to Vertica, even after the installation, on either the desktop or the server, but that is for another time)


      On the desktop, through the direct ODBC connection, I can connect to the machine just fine, with Tableau giving a warning about the ODBC data source not having all features, but I am able to still use it in Tableau Desktop just fine for my purposes. I then publish the data source to a Tableau Server instance, and try and connect to that published data source. Again, I can connect just fine, and Tableau Desktop shows all the correct fields, correctly aligned as dimensions and measures. The dimensions, I can drag over to the worksheet, and get some functionality. The measures *DO NOT* work. When I try to drag any measure over to any shelf/pill/workspace, Tableau just ignores it. When I try and do a "Describe.." on any measure, I get a "Query error occurred. Domain information not available". This is extremely unusual, and I am not sure how to make this work. I have taken a look at the TDS file, and everything looked OK in there, so I am at a loss here, and was wondering if anyone here has had a similar issue they were able to resolve.


      Thanks for your help,

      Jatin Grover

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          Robert Morton

          Hi Jatin,

          Tableau offers a first-class connector to Vertica that you should be using instead of the "Other data sources (ODBC)" connector. Please try using that connector instead and report back if you continue having problems.

          I hope this helps,


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            Rich Hemmings

            Apologies for resurrecting an old thread - but did the original author of this issue ever get a satisfactory resolution?

            We are having the same issue and are getting nowhere fast with Tableau support!







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              Deepraj Kunnath

              I second Rich's inquiry and comments.  Given the date of the original post, it appears that this bug has been existent for two years, at minimum; yet, it's not listed among Tableau's "Known Bugs" page.  Are there any Tableau support reps on here that could at least provide us more detail on the generic error message?  That may help point us in the right direction so we can work on our own solution.


              Unlike the original poster, our ODBC connection is not based on a Vertica database.  Our options are confined to using the ODBC connector.  Any assistance would be appreciated.




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                Rich Hemmings

                ... Ours also!

                We have developed an ODBC driver which works in desktop with a direct connection to the database (via proprietry driver), but doesn't work when used as a shared / server published connection.


                We are also experiencing the same issue using the Microsoft ODBC driver for SQL Server included with Windows - ("Other data sources (ODBC) -> SQL Server").


                Deepraj - if you are using the Microsoft ODBC driver for SQL Server, have you tried to use Tableaus native SQL Server connection? We have found this works fine... there seems to me that there is some issue that Tableau haven't yet addressed with regard to distributing an ODBC connection.




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                  Deepraj Kunnath

                  Rich, yes and I agree; Microsoft connections are fine, but ODBC connections seem to require a slightly more complex configuration.  Just a couple of tips below:


                  • In addition to the end-user workstation, confirm that the applicable ODBC driver has also installed on Tableau Server
                  • The ODBC DSN names for both the server and client computers has to match
                  • Since Tableau Server does not support Kerberos at this time, the server-side DSN will need to authenticate with the underlying data source using embedded credentials of an AD-based service account.  Ensure that this service account has access to the underlying data source.


                  Hope these help

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                    Joshua Swickard

                    Currently the design of published data sources using ODBC connections doesn't allow for aggregations.


                    While support for this is a current feature request, I would suggest creating an Idea in the Ideas forum asking for support for aggregations when using published data sources and ODBC connections.


                    When available, native connections do support this.

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                      I realize this is an old thread, however publishing a ODBC data source will now support the use of aggregates in Tableau Server 9.2


                      Please see the 9.2 release notes for details and upgrade online help doc for upgrading information.


                      "In Tableau Server, when using a published Other Databases (ODBC) data source, you couldn't add an aggregated measure to a view."

                      9.2 | Tableau Software