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    How to implement a "WINDOW_COUNTD" - like calculation...

    Chris Rogers



      In a current project, I'm tasked with visualizing the ever-increasing, total number of unique users for a piece of software, based upon month-to-month usage numbers.


      This is a running total in a sense, but it's just the running total of new users, so I don't want a simple RUNNING_SUM(COUNTD( across my whole sheet because most months have many overlapping UserIDs, and I'm interested in only adding the ones that haven't existed before in previous months.


      Conceptually, I've thought that a way to do it would simply be to calculate the countd() of user IDs for the entire data-set leading up to the on which the calculation happens.  If the data runs from Jan-April, and I'm calculating for March, then I would want the countd(userIDs) for every month up until March.  If I could get this calculation some how, then that would work perfect.  I'm just at a loss right now how I would implement it.


      Alternatively, I would be open to any suggestions for an alternate way to accomplish my goal, I'd be grateful.