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    Merge multiple filters into a single filter card, for dummy-coded variables

    Ey Tan

      Hello all,


      I would like to seek help for merging of quick filters for dummy coded variables.


      In the sample twbx file, ChocolateDonut_dummy and StrawberryDonut_dummy have separate quick filter cards. It is quite a hassle to select the "1"s in each card thus I would like to ask if there's a way to combine them into a single quick filter card or variable that shows the following:



      Chocolate Donut  (defined by ChocolateDonut_dummy=1)

      Strawberry Donut (defined by StrawberryDonut_dummy=1)


      In Sheet 2 I've created a new variable using the IF rule just to put them in a single filter but its logically flawed.


      We would like to analyse the data for various donut sub-variants among those who purchased any chocolate or strawberry or both types of donuts.



      (data used are dummies. donuts are for illustration purposes only!)