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    calculations with blended data

    Mercy Joseph

      Not sure what I'm doing incorectly.

      I have 2 blended tables and need to calculate total sales from one table (Table 1) and add a net amount of a sub-category from the second table(Table 2). The data is by year in both tables and I have used Year as the linking field for both tables.

      Every time I try to add the net amount, I keep getting the full amount aggregated over all years instead of each year, and I get as a constant (all-year aggregated amount) for each year, instead of varying amounts for each year. If I remove the obligatory sum(sub-category), of course I get the error msg "cannot mix aggregate..." etc.

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          Mercy Joseph

          ataching example file (of course my real file has many more fields in each of the tables and other data from 2 different kinds of sources which is why the tables are kept separate,m but the aggregated constant across all years from the 'deduct' shows the problem I'm having - it may be osmething to do with the Year in whcih the 2 files are linked ??

          Thanks so much for any advice.

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            Mercy Joseph

            In creating the sample file I was able to play around with it and locate the problem - I mistakenly used the "Year" field as linking field rather than the "Year(Year)" !!! I knew it was something to do with the linking field by the generous erro messages I kept getting, but other than ensuring that the field itself was on the shelf I did not know what else to do; only after doing the sample did I get a clue...

            ANyway in case anyone finds this useful, I will leave this example and message on - Thanks.


            Sorry - I'm want to say this is answered but dont want to seem to be giving my a "Correct answer" star {any other option? puzzled}

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              Shawn Wallwork

              Mercy, folks give themselves 'correct answer' all the time. Go ahead and give yourself the check mark. (It also keeps others from thinking it's still pending. Glad you worked it out.



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                Alex Kerin

                Shawn - this reminds me - remember the "saving the workbook leaves some things unsaved"? I have a workbook where it constantly forgets custom blend relationships.

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                  Shawn Wallwork

                  Alex, can't say I remember that post of your's. You got a link? Has support ever taken a look at the problem. I've had problems similar to this in the past where I confused Tableau (and myself) by changing a month(month) that was 'may' to the month(month) that was the 'May 1, 2012'. Some were global, others weren't. Tracking down what was what in 15 worksheet was a bit of a pain. But I don't think any of this had to do with joins or workbook forgetting.