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    Custom sizing the width of a dimenssion / field

    Vikas Dhandhania



      I am trying to set the width of a dimenssion / field. If I use 5 or 6 dimenssions the data gets hidden and I would like to set the width (like in excel). {Example: The field EW Name in the image below}. If I manually stretch it by dragging, some other fields re-size automatically. In additiona, I already have 12 sheets of similar data, and I want each of the sheets to have the same width definitions. By manual resize that will not work.



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        • 1. Custom sizing the width of a dimenssion / field
          Shawn Wallwork

          Vikas, sorry to say "to the best of my knowledge" Tableau column width controls are not like Excel, and will need to be manually sized, on all 12 sheets. And yes changing one can/will ripple the others.


          The other thing you'll probably discover is that the default number of columns allowed is 6. If you exceed this limit Tableau starts combining your columns. You can increase the number of columns allowed by going here:



          Clicking 'Advance' takes you to this box:



          You can have up to 16 columns. Hope this helps.