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    Filtering by 30/60/90 days from a date

    Cory Johnson



      I've got a worksheet with multiple rating tariffs and each one having a date of activation.  I'd like to try and see how each of them are doing at the 30, 60, and 90 day period.  This is a project that is constantly being updated, so the dates could range from 05/22/2012 to 11/30/2012.  Is there anyway for me to filter my data to show me only the business they've done within the first 30 days from each date of activation for each tariff, and go on to the 60 and 90?


      The dates come off of an excel spreadsheet along with the tariff names, but all the rest of the data comes from the server connection.


      Thank You in advance for any help you can give me.  I'm still very new to Tableau.

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          Jonathan Drummey

          I'm not totally clear on how your data is put together...is it possible to post a packaged workbook with some sample data?


          Based on what I understand, each Rating Tariff has an associated Activation Date, and there would be some sort of Sales Date as well. Given that, I might set up a calculated field like:

          SUM(IF [Activation Date]+30>= [Sales Date] THEN [Sales] END)


          Then you could create 60 and 90 day calculations as well. Alternatively, you could set up one calculation and then have the 30/60/90 be filled in by a parameter.