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    Count three values in a column

    Son Nguyen

      Hi, I can't figure this out, should be easy but maybe not.


      I have a column with 2000 rows.  The 2000 rows have three different names but each are "nested" inside another...example


      Test Procedure (column)

      Row 1 > Test A

      Row 2 > Test B

      Row 3 > Test C

      Row 4 > Test B

      Row 5 > Test A

      Row 2000 > Test x...


      Test A has A, B and C totals

      Test B has B and C totals

      Test C is C totals


      How to I create a calculated field to get totals for A, B and C ?


      Tried the following and it's giving me a total of 6000 because it's adding all the rows (A=2000 + B = 2000 + C=2000)


      COUNT([Test Procedure]='Test A')+COUNT([Test Procedure]='Test B')+COUNT([Test Procedure]='Test C')


      Did not an error when saving the calculated field.


      Tx !