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    multiple datas on multiple years




      I am brand new with Tableau Software. I try to make maps with multiple datas on different regions. It works. But my sheet has also datas changing depending on the year. I made a test wirh only 2 years 2012 and 2013. I don't find the way to make a filter to change the date.

      The idea is to choose a date to get the view of the datras in each region.

      Actually it seems my sheet is not well done or my choici to make the map is wrong.

      You can find my work at the following link:



      By the way if somebody can explain me how to determine a polygon. I don't understand how we can determine a region with longitude an latitude. I understand for a special spot like a city but not fro a lerge area as province.


      Thank you for your help,

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          Catherine Rivier


          Since you have your data set up where each year is a separate field/variable (rather than having one field/variable called "Year"), the best way to do this is to use a parameter.  Parameters can be used to select different fields in your view through a drop-down box.


          See the attached file.  In sheet "Parameter Test" you can see how this works.  I created:

          1. Parameter "Year Selection Parameter" that has every year as a potential selection

          2. Measure "Year Selection Filter" which ties the selection you make in the parameter to the data in the field you want to use

          3. Dimension "Year Selection Display" which is just for display purposes - it will allow you to see the parameter value in your display


          With the parameter control box on the side, it now will select the data you want.


          Then to show how these are used in your dashboards, I created 2 new sheets and a new dashboard.  Now instead of using the specific year field (like [2012] or [2013]), you use the new field [Year Selection Filter], which will be the selection of the parameter.


          In any of these views, you can use [Year Selection Display] in the view to see what you have selected.


          FYI, I also removed your global filters, as they weren't filtering anything.  Otherwise, this should be what you're looking for, right?



          And in answer to your question about assigning regions a longitude and latitude:  I am not 100% sure, but I believe this is built in to be the geographic center of the country or region.  But someone else may be able to answer that better than me.


          Hope this helps!


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            Merci beaucoup Catherine pour le temps passé.

            Bien cordialement,