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    I need to draw lines between x and y coordinates, similar to a network diagram

    Matthew Petrich

      Hello everyone,

      I am really struggling with this.

      For the data, I have names of individuals and x and y coordinates I came up with to fit them nicely on a background image (see below)

      That's working fine.  Now I want to show the relationships between the individuals.

      So, if Andre is connected to Charlie, I want to draw a line between those two names.

      If Beverly is connected to both Andre and Charlie, I want to draw those two lines.

      I have tried a number of different options that I found in the forums, but I just can't get them to work right.

      In terms of the data format, I can get the data into pretty much any format that I need so I an not worried about that.

      If anyone knows the magic potion to get this done, I would really appreciated the help.

      Thank you!


      Name       X      Y

      Andre       750   100

      Beverly     700   150

      Charlie     650    200