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    Super Jedis, anyone have a creative idea for obtaining p-values from test statistics in Tableau?

    Nicholas Rennie

      Hi all,


      I'm looking for some super creative ideas of how to obtain p-values in Tableau. I have table calculations that calculate different test statistics (two-sample t-test, ANOVA, two category chi-square test of independence). But in order to get the p-values, you need functions that provide the cumulative distributions. Tableau doesn't provide these functions. And I don't really want to tell my boss that he needs to use a table to lookup the p-value from the test statistic.


      I'm thinking that a potential solution would be to "send" a table calculation result from Tableau into another system (use html link with a parameter?, use R?) and then display the result back to Tableau.


      I know this is possible, if at the very least by using the new JavaScript API in Tableau 8 (which I haven't had a chance to look at yet). However, it is above my current skills. Any ideas?