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    Visualization : Green, Yellow and Red indicators

    Michel Khennafi

      Good day to all:


      In the attached sample, I am having troubles representing indicators G,Y and R for each value in a column that does not meet certain criteria. My problem is that each column needs to be highlighted independently from the other columns... and in the same column I could have cells with different colors


      For instance:


      - In the column "Staged For", if the value is <=1 then I would like the entire cell to be highlighted in Green, if the value is >1 and <=2, I would like to have it in Yellow...

      - In the column "CHI--> Halifax" anything below 6 is Green, >6 and <=7 is Yellow...

      - ...


      I am sure you get the point;-)


      Do you have any idea on how I could achieve this result? I have been able to use the "Size" shelf and highlight BUT Tableau use ALL cells and ALL columns, which is not what I am trying to achieve.


      Thanks to all