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    How can I group or combine or coalesce rows in a table?

    Peter Schwenn

      Dear Tablistes,


      I have a simple (though large) table of N rows (simulations in this case) x M variables (which characterize particular simulations; there are about 20 such variables).  There are about 900 rows (simulations).  To be viewed/analyzed the rows need to be combined into triplets.  Thus there are about 300 triplets.  These triplets should be easy to form because particular simulations are members of a particular triplet if and only if they share a particular value for a particular variable.


      (This could equally well be phrased, and might be simpler to understand, if the rows were to form natural "pairs" rather than triplets.)


      How can I form these triplets with Tableau -- or filter & view the existing rows as if they were formed into these triplets.


      Of course I could do this by a preliminary external step in which a program or script formed the triplets before entering Tableau but I am hoping that it can be done with facilities of Tableau.


      Thank you


      Peter Schwenn


      p.s. I framed this kind of abstractly.  To make it more concrete:

      The simulations are weather predictions of the tracks of hurricanes.  Each triplet is made up of 3 separate predictions for the SAME hurricane (using 3 different prediction models.)  I need to coalesce the individual tracks into these triplets so that I can compare the three prediction models.