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    Exporting dashboard/visualization to a static report: Size

    Ryan hollamby



      I understand that Tableau is developed to be presented dynamically, but there are many times where we use the visualization as a static visual in a report.


      I'm looking for the best approach to take a visual from Tableau and insert into a Word document which will later be published with Adobe Pro and eventually printed. Before tableau I would create a graph in Word/Excel and simply grab the corners and resize the graph. Now that I have to export the graphs as a jpeg, etc I can't find the best way to not distort the visual after I resize it in Word.


      I've tried sizing the dashboards to exact pixels, but the problem is when inserting to my report I'm not sure what size will always work and I find myself going back and forth adjusting the dashboard trying to get the right size.


      Any recommendations or help would be great!