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    A formatting Gird for Dashboard

    Avinash Patel

      Hi All,


      Designing dashboard in tableau is super easy drag and drop sheets and why we give dashboard view --- to compare, measure or overall system view or business view in 1 shot. And who we provide this dashboard ..... to the big guys, guys at CEO, CFO levels, the think tanks. Now when it comes to this type of dashboard delivery, it should be fast but creating this dashboard are too time taking... oops i should say beautify this dashboard takes time. I can create required sheets for a dashboard in max to max 30 mins. But while doing alignment, color, applying border it takes about 1 to 2 hours and when have to create let say 21 dashboard in 2 days, its hectic and boring.


      If we could have a GRID structure layout with each row, each column and even each cell level properties like -




      background color

      background watermarking images

      font color and size

      Actions like - hide/show sheet or dynamic change of sheets like in the same location from sheet 5(graph) to sheet5(table view) for specify cell

      Actions for highlighting a cell

      Action when mouseover on title or plain text what to show in tooltip (currently we don't have a tooltip over title or text element)


      Wow my demand list is too long, but 1 more thing at the last can we save all the setting as library as separate tableau file so that whenever i want to keep the font size, color, formatting and all in other dashboard i just tell tableau to take all the formatting settings from the library.twlb ( i just thought of that extension same as twb and twbx)


      I tried an open source reporting called 'BIRT' , its look and feel is just like windows 98 but in terms of functionality control wise and not to do  repetitive work of beautification again... i don't know about others but personally i rate it 5 out of 5 for this things.