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    Handling relevant values in filters

    Divyapriya M



      I have 3 filters, say, Country, State and Population. With these 3 filters, using the "Show Only Relevant Values" option in filters, I've displayed only the relevant values of States according to the country selected. For example, if USA is selected as Country, the State shows only the relevant states of USA.


      Suppose I've now selected USA -> Texas. However, next when I select India, the State value of 'Texas' still remains, within brackets. Is there anyway I can do away with this?


      It looks inappropriate to have 'India' selected with 'Texas' in brackets. Is there anyway by which atleast I can get blank there, or atleast any of the other states of India there?


      Hope my question is clear.. and I'm sure many of us who have used the "Show relevant Values" option in filters have faced this problem.


      Wud be of great help! Thanks in advance!