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    TDT: This Week 11/29

    Tracy Rodgers

      Hi All,


      The next Think Data Thursday will be this week (November 29) at 11:00 am Pacific time. Registration can be found here: http://www.tableausoftware.com/learn/usergroups/TDT-Nov29-12


      From Dustin's post--the idea of Excel calculations within Tableau sounds like it would be a popular topic--and we couldn't agree more! However, we want to push this subject out a session so that we can incorporate (and possibly even get him in person!) one of our Business Consultant's presentations that was delivered at TCC and get some discussion around that. We also have not forgotten about the request to get someone from the Development team come discuss Tableau syntax! However, they're all pretty nose deep in getting our 8.0 release out--meaning we probably won't have them as a guest until Q1 next year--so hang tight!


      For this week, let's talk about how to create Chart Types that are not inherent to the Tableau ShowMe! box. There are all sorts of chart types from waterfalls to box plots to candlesticks to pareto charts that can be made within Tableau--it's just a matter of knowing the data and how to do it! As this discussion has the potential to go on and on, post here for chart types you'd like to start off talking about...


      See you on Thursday!

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