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    Two questions, one workbook

    Glenn H

      I am currently putting together a series of worksheets and was hoping to get some assistance on a few issues I have run into when I was unable to find anything related to the topic (though I would not be surprised if I just missed it).


      First question involves the first two pages of the attached workbook.  I have a bar chart setup where it lists the totals of sales by category.  I have created a parameter that lets the user select a state to view its sales totals.  What I would like to do is place either a reference line, a dot or another bar on the to show what part of each product category is from the selected state.


      Next, using multiple mark types, I have created a cross-tab that shows total sales in the first column and in the second a percentage of the total sales it is.  I am able to get the information to display properly but I am unable to get the header to show on the top only.  I can either show it on the bottom only or not at all.  The 3rd and 4th worksheets show the original and what I can do with it.


      Thank you for your help.

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          Catherine Rivier



          For your first question, it involves setting up a new sales variable (in the attached workbook, "Sales By Selected State"), that only counts sales for the state selected by the parameter.


          IF ([State]=[State Selection]) THEN [Sales]

          ELSE 0



          Then you can bring this in as a dual axis, and synchronize the axes.  To have one be a bar, the other be a line, under Marks pull down to select "Multiple Mark Types".  Then you can set Sales to bars, and Sales By Selected State to a line, or bar, or whatever you want.  That's all in new sheet Market Sales NEW.


          For your second question, I suppose I'm not completely clear why you set it up like a graph, so please let me know if you have a reason and I can take another stab.  But in the meantime, the very simple way to set up your final chart the way you want is in sheet Multiple Marks - NEW (Simple).  Is that what you're looking for?


          Hope this helps!

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            Glenn H

            Thank you for your help.  The method you have is significantly easier than how I was setting it up for the second problem.