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    Forums Digest Weekly #2

    Shawn Wallwork

      If you read Forum Digest Weekly #1 then you know what this is all about, so let’s dive right in….

      Week’s Best Explanation

      Last week’s most difficult question produced a Richard Leeke explanation of how Tableau deals with DateTime, what epoch time is (sort of) and how all this affects durations. What I got out of this whole discussion, so far, is that Tableau needs to work out a better way of dealing with duration time, both in terms of math operations and formatting. Certainly a duration of 47:16 (hh:mm) is much easier to read than 01:23:16 (dd:hh:mm), at least to my eye. What do you think?

      Update: Discussion is still going on. “Yeah, it gets very messy, very quickly, doesn't it?” --RL


      Week's Best Answer

      Alex Kerin says: "Previous_value is one of those hidden gems that keeps on giving..." He used this function to create an exponentially weighted moving average. Further down in the thread he goes on to explain the difference between PREVIOUS_VALUE() and LOOKUP().


      Joe’s Corner

      Joe Mako replied to a couple of questions this week. Here’s a thread that started last June, got answered, got revived in September, and then again this past week. Here’s Joe’s latest entry. The other question Joe took on this week had to do with Top N and how to use nested table calculations to solve the problem; as well as using the Show Me card to ‘lock in’ the table calculation. Yep, classic Joe stuff.

      Featured Forum Folks (not the usual suspects)

      Catherine Rivier has never asked a question (according to her content page), but stops by every once in a while, votes for some Ideas, and answers a few questions. She put together a nicely detailed explanation of how to add multiple trend lines to a scatter plot using a dual-axis chart. Mark Holtz has been asking and answering questions since last March, responding to a wide range of topics. He is now ranked 12th on the score card. This week he put together an elegant solution for dealing with FY and non-standard date periods.


      Week’s Longest Discussion Thread & Best Advice for Newcomers

      Here’s a two-in-one. Last Week’s longest thread is still going strong (so you don’t have to page through the whole thing here’s a link to where the new comments begin). It turned into a discussion between Newcomers and Old Hands, talking about fear of being wrong, how some Zen Masters pick the questions they answer, and encouragement for wider forum participation at all levels. Vusi Nkomo has been searching out low-hanging fruit ever since.

      Newcomer’s Resource Page

      Dustin Smith posted this collection of Training Resources. It gives you links to all the important stuff you’ll need to get up and running as fast as possible. I sent the Starter Kit Training Schedule out to my team. Good stuff Dustin.

      Shout Out for Think Data Thursday

      This coming Thursday (11/29) is another TDT. The topic hasn't been set yet, so you can help pick it by going here and commenting/suggesting. Even if you don’t suggest, or contribute to the discussion, do join us – you’ll definitely learn something.

      My Shameless Plug

      The Idea to add Autosave Functionality to Tableau only needs to move up five slots to make the front page of the Ideas section. So if you’re not one of the 45 people who have already voted for it, please consider giving it an up vote. Front Page or Bust!

      Best ‘Thank You’

      Here’s a link to the best forum ‘thank you’ I have ever gotten – a Christmas music video. The music is quite moving, even for a Buddhist like me. You’re welcome Stephen Jones, and thank you for sharing.

      Enjoy your week everyone. Comments, suggestions, criticisms always welcomed.


      PS: I just noticed Richard has posted his Hexabin work, as I am posting this blog. So more on this next week. FYI: I decided to make midnight MST Saturdays the cut-off for each week's content. I've already noticed some good stuff coming in from Jonathan Drummey this morning.


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