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    Show Filter Types option not working for quick filters

    Chris Moseley

      I am using a few Compact List Quick Filters on a dashboard.  I like these because it saves space and there are dozens of options in each filtered category.  However, I still want to allow users to change these to Multiple Value quick filters if they need to select more than one item (which is common). 


      In the past, I seem to recall just selecting the "Quick Filter > Customize" to include "Show Filter Types" and it worked fine.  However, now changing filter type is not showing up as an option for my end users on Tableau Server.  I can still toggle it on and off within "Customize" in Tableau Server but it always appears to the end user as if it has been toggled off.  Other "Customize" options, such as "Show Include/Exclude" or "Show All Button" still work but "Show Filter Type" does not. 


      Any thoughts on why I may be experiencing this problem?