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    superscript in text box

    Vishal Patel

      I am trying to copy rich text from MS Word document to Dashboard, everything looks fine but registered trademark ® is not superscripted. Seems like that formatting is not copied over. I tried to use windows shortcut (CTRL+SHIFT+=) to superscript it, it works in text box editor but on dashboard it still shows regular text.


      Can someone tell if this is possible ?



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          Andy Piper



          I'm able to reproduce, but not by default. I created some lines of text (including trademark and copyright symbols), saved it as an RTF file type and opened it in Microsoft Word. I then created a dashboard in Tableau v.7.09 and was able to paste in the text into both Title and Text Objects on the dashboard and still retain the superscripting of the trademark symbol if using a standard windows TrueType font such as Calibri (which is my default font). However, when I switch to a fixed width font such as Courier New, the superscript formatting is removed (see screen captures).





          Could you be using a font in Tableau that is reformatting the data you are bringing in?


          Hope this helps,


          Andy Piper

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            Andy Piper

            By the way, when I use the Courier New font, I am able to superscript using the Ctrl+Shift+= sequence in Tableau. However, this issue with a font reformat of the text is not limited to Tableau. The same reformatting issue happens when you switch the font to Courier New in Microsoft Excel.

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              Vishal Patel

              Thanks Andy.


              I am using Georgia (True Type) font. even with Arial (True Type) I am not able to retain superscript.  When I switched to Calibri, it is retaining superscript formatting for registered trademark on Dashboard.

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                Andy Piper



                Calibri appears to work because the registered trademark symbol is normally smaller and raised higher than the same symbol in other fonts (Arial, Georgia, Courier New, others). With only a paste option (no paste special option), Tableau keeps the formatting that can be done within Tableau normally (such as bolding, italicizing, underlining), but removes the formatting that cannot be done from within the Tableau format window (such as superscripting and subscripting).


                The same thing occurs in the v8 beta of Tableau. After pasting, the text briefly appears super- or sub-scripted after pasting, but quickly goes away. Even the Ctrl+Alt+V method to bring up the Paste Special dialog box available in other applications does not work here. If there was a paste special option within the text objects to retain source formatting or an HTML format, then this would do the trick; but right now those are not options.


                I'm afraid your only options are to use a font within Tableau where the superscript symbols naturally appear higher up than normal text (i.e.: Calibri) or to reapply superscript formatting manually (using Ctrl+Shift+=) after pasting into Tableau. Please add the ability to perform Paste Special options to the IDEAS forum so this functionality can be considered by Tableau development in the future.



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                  Cenk Koseoglu



                  I am trying to add superscript to the title of a worksheet which is put on a dashboard (I need km2 in superscript). Even after I select Calibri and reformat manually, the formatting dissapears after I select APPLY. Is this a bug or a feature?




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                    Matt Lutton


                    For anyone looking, see this thread