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    tabcmd - Email Scheduled - Error


      Hi All,


      I am using the following tabcmd stored in a bat file and scheduled in windows task scheduler to send emails to users.


      There are 2 problems,


      1.) Many of the days the latest image was not refreshing before being sent (Reason why DEL command was added to the tabcmd)


      2.) As with the image attached in this post maybe because of using  the del command.. we see that the email has been delivered without any image.... a cross mark is delivered


      How do I rectify both the issues to see that daily correct reports are delivered to users.


      Thanks for your help in Advance



      DEL /F /S /Q /A "C:\Image\*.*"

      SET APPDATA=c:\tmp

      "C:\tabcmd\extras\Command Line Utility\tabcmd.exe" login -s http://abc.com/ -u user -p *******

      "C:\tabcmd\extras\Command Line Utility\tabcmd.exe" get "/views/Report.png?:refresh=yes" -f "C:/Image/Report.png" --timeout 600

      "C:\febooti\febootimail.exe" -SMTP abc.com -PORT 25 -AUTH AUTO -USER abc@new.com -PASS ****** -TO "me@webmail.com" -FROM "abc@new.com" -SUBJECT "Report" -HTMLFILE "C:\Report_email.html"

      "C:\tabcmd\extras\Command Line Utility\tabcmd.exe" logout

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          Russell Christopher

          Good morning.


          1. The ?:refresh=yes you placed on the tabcmd get request should force the latest/greatest values into the report. If this is not what you're seeing, please open up a case with support.


          2. This issue probably doesn't have much to do with Tableau, since you're viewing the output of an email created with febootimail. In your shoes, I'd check to make sure the image that you embedded into the Report_email.html doc actually existed at the time that febootimail ran. The image should be there unless the TabCmd get process failed for some reason. The DEL command is deleting the "old" png, which you don't want anyway. It should be replaced with your tabcmd get by the time you run febooti

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            Hi Russell,


            Thanks first off for identifying  that I must add the refresh paramater to my code.


            I have removed the DEL command from my script,since you say it will for sure replace the existing image file in the folder. Is it possible that the problem may occur when I run a test process of the same email previously in the day?


            Could it also be possible that feebotimail may be creating the problem?


            Strange that in a month users happen to receive incorrect or email without an image very often.


            Can you also please help attaching a folder that has all the components that you have on your side that work without any flaw?


            Thanks for your advice

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              Russell Christopher

              Hi Gallop -


              I'm not sure you understood my reply.


              I suggested you take this process apart to understand if:


              1. When tabcmd get  runs, that an image is always being returned, and is always up to date.

              2. That febootimail functions properly when sending the email.


              Based on the "Red X", it appears to me that sometimes there is no image available to populate the HTML page when febootimail is run. But you'll need to test and confirm that for yourself.


              I don't have a sample folder available to send you, sorry.

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                Hello Russell,


                I did a bit of testing and see that when the folder in which the image is stored is empty, only on running the tabcmd twice do we get an the image.Else it is not retreiving the image.


                So basically a first time retreival of the image is not happening properly


                "C:\tabcmd\extras\Command Line Utility\tabcmd.exe" get "/views/Report.png?:refresh=yes" -f "C:/Image/Report.png" --timeout 600


                Sometimes the existing image in the folder is not replaced with the refreshed image as far as I have tested. It is replaced only on manually running it a second tim.


                Also the feebotimail in use is not a registered version,will this make a difference