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    [Q] Venn analysis and correlation across multiple data sources

    Jeremy Witt

      Background: I have two datasets


      Source 1 is a (hard to get) TDE filtered down to a 'segment' of rows that I want to correlate (~10M records)

      Source 2 is a database connection to a specific customer data mart that has ~30M records


      The Common field between the two is email address


      What I'm really trying to figure out (and have failed so far), is to answer the following question:  for each unique value of email addr in Source 1, if a record exists in Source 2 with that email addr AND col 'x' in source 2 is not null THEN increment a counter  


      [I'm looking for total count]



      The problem I've run into seems to be that for two TDEs (or a TDE & a database connection), there is only one option... a blend, and I've been unable to trick tableau into giving me an answer to this question without running out of memory