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    Calculation to Exclude if Data is Incomplete Over Specified Date Range

    Dean Lizardo



      Couldn't find the exact answer to this question on the forums.


      I'm looking for a calculation to exclude an entire set of data if any part of the data is incomplete over my date range. For example,


      RegionQ1 2011Q2 2011
      Q3 2011
      Q4 2011




      In this case, because North and West data are incomplete in 2011, I want to exclude their data from the analysis. In this example, I understand that it is possible to simply filter out North and West. However, my data set has over 1000 rows, and to manually filter which data is complete and incomplete would be too time consuming.


      Is there any way to dynamically exclude such incomplete data through a calculation? Also, if I switch my date range, is it possible to have the calculation dynamically refresh based on the date range? If not, I'm fine with manually modifying the calculation based on my dates.