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    One line chart, one measure, two filters

    . Fdgsogc91

      I am creating a line chart based on an SSAS cube.  I am only using one measure.  However I want two lines in the chart based on my dimensions.  My dimension is called Locations.  I need to pick two groups of Locations to create these two lines (Group A of Locations vs Group B of Locations).  I can use the filter on the Location dimension to get my first line for Group A.  However, I can't figure out how to use the Location filter to get the second line for  Group B.  Basically, the series of the chart is based on grouping dimensions and not on multiple measures.


      Any suggestions?

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          . Fdgsogc91

          I solved my problem by trolling through the forum which lead me to the Calculated Member option in the Dimension section.  In layman's terms, I created new dimension values for my Location dimension called Group A and Group B.  In those formulas I specified values for each group which then became selectable values in my Location dimension list when using the filter.  Of course to get my two lines I included the Location dimension in the Row section of the grid and voila.



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            Philip Brown

            hi Fdgsogc91

            Can you provide any more detail on this?  I am trying to do something very similar.  I am not that great with MDX but i can usually follow.  I cannot seem to get the right formula to make the dimension values actually selectable.


            thanks for any help !