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    Extracts and the Refresh process

    Mike Penney

      With regard to embeded extracts: It appears that the schedule that I choose when publishing a workbook with an embedded extract is active even when I am not accessing the workbook. In otherwords even when the workbook is not open in Tableau Server, the server reports that it is refreshing the workbook extract as a background task. That is totally un-necessary in our case and can use up resources un-intentionally. How do I stop that?

      BTW - you should know that we have configured Server to use the "Balanced" option to refreshing reports which are open. I should not expect that to conflict with the underlying schedule of an embedded extract.




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          Russell Christopher

          Hi Mike -


          Great feedback! Thanks!


          (This next paragraph sounds harsh - it s not meant to be - I just can't get the tone right!)


          Regarding #1: The whole idea around refreshing extracts is to make sure the data in the extract is "fresh", regardless of whether someone is actually using the workbook at the time - that's the nature of refreshing on a schedule. If you don't want the refresh to occur on a schedule because you feel it's a waste of server resources, don't use one - or maybe create a schedule which fires only once a year, then manually execute the task yourself whenever you need/want to.


          On #2: It sounds like what you want is the ability to create a Data Source (which uses an extract) and apply a user filter IN the Data Source so that any authors who utilize it are constrained by the user filter. Did I get that about right? If so, I have some good news and bad news - we currently don't support that feature in 7, but we do in the next version (8).



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