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    # of Server Publishers- Best Practices

    Ben Porter



      I was wondering if anyone in the group would be willing to share how many people (%, #) they give publishing rights to in Tableau Server.  Would anybody be willing to share or have this as a topic of conversation at a User Group Meet Up?



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          Dustin Smith

          Hi Ben,


          This is a cool question.  I'm guessing it definitely depends on the type of deployment folks have (Tableau Server for report creators vs. Server for creators AND end consumers).  Is the heart of your question really around 'how far do you trust your end users' or is it more about trying to understand the impact on infrastructure when lots of people are potentially publishing extracts, etc.?




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            Ben Porter



            Thanks for the Reply! 


            I'm getting at both.  I'll outlay some assumptions and then my synthesis.


            1. I define positive user experience as both quantitative (performance) and qualitative (ex: Is What I see: understandable, accurate, relevant, actionable, etc).
            2. There is a hierarchy of Tableau users:  Consumers (server read only), Authors (Server Read, Desktop Make), Publishers (Server Read, Desktop Make, Server Write), and Ubers (System Administrators who keep the wheels moving on all fronts).
              1. We know the universe of Consumers, Authors, and Ubers.
              2. Our unknown is what subset of Authors we allow to be Publishers

            I postulate that you can control performance AND the qualitative by careful selection of Publishers.  Authoring efficient calculations and queries, socializing "new metrics" with the right executives & partners, contributing effectively to corporate data governance, and not bombing our Teradata platform all derive from giving the right people the right button to push.


            As we mature as an organization, some of these will become self evident through blood, sweat, and tears (Cue Talking Heads "We're on the Road to Nowhere"); but I'm curious as to what other organizations experienced and how they evolved and matured.


            I could talk about this for hours, if anyone in the DC area has a story to tell, I'll buy the first couple of rounds....maybe all of them

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              Dustin Smith

              Hi Ben,


              Very cool!  I like the formulaic approach.   Have you previously attended a DC area TUG meeting?  If not, I'd like to put you in touch with the leadership of the group since I think this is a GREAT discussion topic.



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                Ben Porter



                I have not attended a DC TUG meeting before, if you could put me in touch with the right folks that would be awesome!