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    Control over drill through table data

    Avinash Patel

      Hi Everyone,



      In the above screen shot, besides column title "Process" there is a plus "+" sign, clicking on which we can drill through the data or group of data. So my question is - Can we have Action control over this drill through ???


      Let say I have given my tableau report in twbx format to my boss after drilling through various levels, he say "OK" and wants to print the top view of the tableau report. Now since we don't have reset button in tableau reader same as we have in tableau server, we have to close the report and again open it to get the default view of the report. It's kind a scary for me to ask my boss close and open the report again for the default view and irritating for my boss to click on back button until he gets the default view, and kind a embarrassing when dealing with the client.


      Please help ...


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