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    Using times in Tableau

    Isabelle Oderberg

      Hi All. I'm a new user and still learning, but I've been creating some basic vizs and graphics, with varying degrees of success.


      My question is about times. I would like to use social media data to show how many tweets were sent on certain topics in breaking news situations but for some reason Tableau doesn't like my dates/times. Is there a trick to the formatting? Am I missing something?


      Thank you in advance for any guidance or help you can offer. :-)

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          Catherine Rivier

          Hi Isabella,

          Can you give more information about what it's not liking about your dates/times?  For example, does it recognize the field as a Date or DateTime field (based on the symbol next to the field name), or is it reading it as a text field?

          If the latter, there could be a few reasons which we can't really tell unless we see what type of format your date/time fields are in.  There could be odd spaces, it could be formatted in an unrecognizable way (like '201202'), or any number of issues - all of which are solvable.


          But, barring that, this is the simplest fix:

          Create a new calculated field, (right click on the variable, choose Create Calculated Field).  Say it's a Date field called "Datefield", then write:



          Or use DATETIME if a DateTime field.


          Hope this helps!  But if this doesn't work, attach a few sample fields or a sample workbook and we can see what the specific issue is and go from there.