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    creating extract storage error

    Ronak Patel

      I'm trying to create an extract but I keep running into this error. I have a 105GB left on my disk and am running windows xp with 3.5gb of ram on a intel i5. I also looked through the log file and for some reason did not find it in there. I guess whats odd is that its only about 900k rows of data 50 columns wide which I wouldn't expect to be over 105GB. Could this be related to the virtual memory size? Its currently at 3.5GB for me.


      Tableau Data Engine Error: 4: Not enough storage is available to process this command.

      - (MapViewOfFileEx: offset=0 mapping_size=6488064)

      - Path: C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\tmp1C94.tmp\Extract\Extract\Calculation_1191108191710039.data Limit: 6488064 PageLimit: 6488064

      Unable to create extract