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    Centering Labels of Stacked Bars with only one Category

    Mike Swinn

      I've been having issues for a long time with labels on stacked bars not centering but appearing at the end of the bar in cases where only one category exists for a particular item. See the attached workbook for a simple example - there are three regions (A, B and C) with some nominal values across two categories (One and Two). Region B has no value in category two so it has only one item - the problem is that the label appears off the end of the bar for stacked bars. There are several problems with this:


      a) It's inconsistent and looks messy - people naturally expect the value to be in the centre if it's there elsewhere

      b) If dark bar colours are used then the ideal label colour is white but then for the cases where the label is outside the bar, it's not even visible against the white background. This is not really an issue for 100% stacked bars as the label will be forced inside the bar if the axis ends around 100%, but it is a big problem for normal stacked bars. The only solution is a dark pane background or dark label text neither of which are ideal.


      Does anybody have any solutions to this, or is it an intended future fix?