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    Not totaling based on IIF statement


      I'm trying to do a simple calculation based on the deployment status.  I want to calculate the % installed bay account. For each account name, there are multiple rows for each equipment number.  So one account my have 4 pieces of equipment (No of records), but the installed status is a collective status on all 4 rows. 


      I've tried a number of ways to calculated the % installed, but anytime I use the IIF statement, it won't calculate the column total. If I can't get the real total, then my % installed will never work.  =\


      Here is one way...

      SUM((IIF([Deployment Status]="Installed",1,0)))/COUNT([Account Name])


      MIN(IIF([Deployment Status]="Installed",1,0))


      11-19-2012 10-34-29 AM.png


      Any other ideas?  I'm waiting on a Tableau Support ticket and it is slow at work this week.  Would love to get past this problem.  Thanks.