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    Gap in my line chart

    Justin Smith

      I hope this is easy, but I'm beating my head against the wall with it.


      I have data that has among other things, a day and the total enrollment for each class in that day. What I'm looking for is a line chart with lines for each day in 2011 and each day in 2012. The problem is, I can't seem to make it look right. There are gaps between the months since I have my columns setup as Month(Date) and Day(Date). The only thing I can figure out is I need a Month&Day(Date). That way it will roll into the next instead of creating two separate columns. When I use exact day, it makes one long continuous line instead of them stacked.


      Clear as mud?


      Thanks in advance,


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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Justin,


          Try creating a calculated field similar to the following and place it on the columns shelf:


          datename('month', [Order Date]) + ' ' + datename('day', [Order Date])


          Then, place year on the color shelf and the desired measure on the rows shelf.


          Hope this helps!



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            Justin Smith



            Can you just come sit in the office next to me and show me how to do EVERYTHING? Thanks for your help yet again!



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              Justin Smith



              I have ran into another problem with this task. The date fixed you told me worked great.


              Now, if both years don't have data for the same date, the line that represents the year with data for that date skips and has a dot. Is there anyway to make the line continuous? I realize the the dates in between will not have reference points as they do not have data, but if Tableau has some kind of an option to just map the straight line between the points that would be great.


              I hope it is ok to re post to this thread. There are still gaps in the line chart, so I figure the title is appropriate.