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    mark labels overlap on line graph

    Craig Braithwaite

      Hi there,


      I'm producing a time series line graph for market share of territories.


      I like to have mark labels at the beginning and end of each line so that the user can see the difference in share over time.


      The problem I'm having is that when two products have similar market shares the mark labels are overlapping such that neither can be interpreted.


      I'm aware there is a box which says "allow labels to overlap marks" however this is greyed out. Basically what I'd like is for instances when two measures are close I'd like only one of the measures mark labels to be visible.


      I have a filter whereby the territory, measure etc can be changed for the graph. For this reason, mannually turning mark labels on and off is not going to work since the clashes differ depending on what territory is selected.


      Thanks in advance for any help.




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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Craig,


          One possible option may may be to use a dual axis that places circles on top the lines. It may be possible to then make the desired points labeled without overlapping them.


          The "Allow labels to overlap marks' option is not available for lines--however, it is available for circles, squares, etc.


          Hope this helps a little bit!