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    Duplicating SSRS Report in Tableau - how to get cell line chart and dynamic date completions

    Kristy McGee

      Good afternoon,


      I am trying to duplicate a SSRS report in Tableau, but I am having a couple of issues.  One section I need to have the total course completions by facility listed as numbers, a bar graph for each facility, and a line graph for each facility that is based on the dynamic time period filter that is on the dashboard (and the  user can change).


      I have another section that shows the Completion counts in total, for the first month of the time period selected, last month of the time period and the % growth between the two figures. 


      I have attached a screen print of the source data as well as what i have been able to duplicate. 


      Also need to make sure the filters are listed on the dashboard in the same way as the source report (date slider by monthyear)


      Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.  I have had to white out private info on the sheets, but it should not interfere with the data.




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          Russell Christopher

          Hi Kristy!

          Welcome! It's going to be really difficult to communicate "how to's" and collaborate without putting some data into the community's hands to work with. I'd suggest you create a very small, sanitized collection of rows that can be shared via an Excel or Packaged Workbook so the folks here can play.


          For what it's worth, I also wouldn't get too attached to the original SSRS layout and functionality. Each product has it's own strengths and weaknesses, so I'd focus on the ideas you're trying to express with the data and let that be your guide. You could end up driving yourself crazy trying to create an exact duplicate when said duplication isn't really necessary anyway.