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    Filter Actions - Default Quick Filter Values

    Darin Coulter



      During the Customer Conference, I attended Ellie Fields' presentation on building apps and found myself motivated and inspired.  Along with her examples, I also gained a lot of insight from the Guided Analytics and Advanced Table Calculations, Hands On sessions.  My question is, can an action be set to restore previously defined quick filter values to a default?


      I wish I could package my workbook to show what I'm running into, but there's too much proprietary info to be able to do that.  My workbook is made up of 4 dashboards.  Each Dashboard requires the user to make selections on quick filters based on what they're investigating.


      The main menu forces them to choose a client (i.e. Cheap Hospital, Your Telecom Company, My Auto Lender, Her Cable Provider, Their Wireless Carrier, etc) then they click a "Next" button.

      The following dashboard provides some inventory historical data, averages, etc.  This also requires them to drill down further.. Pick a tier (Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, Warehouse), pick a segment (wireline, wireless, loan, checking, cable, satellite, medical and so on) and finally a type (Residential, Commercial).  The 3rd and 4th dashboards are just visualizations of liquidity, revenue, costs, etc.


      So my problem is, when I have the user "Return to Main Menu" and they choose a client that isn't in any of the other drill down areas previously selected, my 2nd dashboard gets really difficult. It makes it very confusing (especially when using only relevant values) to get back to meaningful data.  I would like for, when someone clicks on "Return To Main Menu" it not only goes to Dashboard 1, but also sets filter values on Dashboard 2 to 'All' so that the relevant values are available when they select their new client.


      I apologize for the lengthy question, but I hope it makes sense?  I've researched a lot prior to posting this and I don't think what I'm trying to do is possible.




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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Darin,


          So it sounds like when you go back to the main dashboard, all the previous actions that were run should be cleared?


          I don't think this is currently possible, without have the user deselect whatever was previously selected. Perhaps instructions could be added to the dashboards to remind the user to do so?


          This might be a good one for the Ideas section, if no one has any other suggestions!



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            Darin Coulter

            Thanks Tracy -


            I think that's going to be my workaround for now.  I'll just throw in an extra 'Reset' dashboard that instructs the user to set all the global filters to (All) so that when they circle back around through the app, the relevant values will be there for them upon selecting their next client.


            Thanks for taking the time to read my novel!