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    Bar Chart with varying widths and heights

    Matt Phillips

      I have a question about a view I have been asked to create that I cannont figure out.  I need the x axis of the chart to be the percentage of total that each month represents on a 100% scale.  On the y-axis I want to have the height of the bars represent a conversion rate for that month's population.  I can create both of the charts separately but I would like to make it one view.


      Here is a hand-drawn example of what I would like the view to look like:


      enrollment month graphic- mock up.JPG


      I can create the x-axis with each month with the correct width based on percent of total - here is a picture of the viz:


      enrollment by month width.jpg


      When I try to add the conversion rate to the y-axis it messes up the 100% scale on the x-axis.


      Hopefully there is a simple answer on this one.


      Thanks for your help,


      Matt P