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    Sorting across multiple dimension

    Thai Huynh

      How do I sort across more than one dimension?

      So here is the scenario with the Sample - Superstore Sales

      • I dropped the Sales on the Columns shelf and Category on Rows shelf.
      • Sort by Category which result in the first attachment ("Sort with 1 dimension.jpg")
      • Very straight forward so far.
      • Now, I drop Region to the left of Category, and Dynamic sort Region descending by SUM(Sales) I get something like the second attachment ("Sort with 2 dimension.jpg").

      I know sales by region is Central, West, East, and South (largest to smallest) so that makes sense Region are displayed in that order.

      I know Technologies has most sales, then Furniture, then Office Supplies.


      But... what I want is to have Region sorted as the way it is shown, but for Category I wanted it sorted within its pane such that East will have Furniture first, then Technologies, and then Office Supplies.


      I tried INDEX() but can't get it to work.