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    Very easy question - Database link - Cannot blend error

    Marc Freixa

      Hello All!


      I'm having a very easy question... but I don't know how to solve it!!!


      I have a dataset with these variables: all the customers in a database!

      - id

      - Name

      - Country_id

      - Sale

      - Date


      And also I have, in another file:

      - Country_id

      - Country Name


      And I want to know how many sales I have in every country!


      I can easily have something like:

      Country 1 --> 5 sales Amount 500$




      But I want to have:

      Country Name --> 5 sales --> Amount 500$


      And al I get is an "cannot blend aggregated data from secondary data source" error....


      What Am I doing wrong?


      When I access the "Edit relationship" menu it seems that everything is linked and OK!