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    Passing value when filter set to all

    Justin Smith

      Hi all,


      I have a dashboard that has a US map on one side and a webpage on the other side. The URL for the website is to a pdf that displays information about the state a user selects. All works great. The problem I have is, I would like when the user deselects a state, the website view to display an  information document. I assume this will be the same as when a user selects the "All" option if they use the state drop down filter. Right now, it just leaves the previous state up. This would be beneficial since it would display the information document on open as well as a user can read about a state then go back to the information document for answering questions. Any suggestions?


      I thought maybe the "ALL" option could be passed as the state name in the URL, but that didn't work.


      Thanks in advance,