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    Binning Data into Two Bins: Values < 1 and Values >=1


      I have a set of people with the following two data elements. A location (1 of 5 locations) and another value that ranges from about 0.8 to 1.4. Something like the following except about 100 per location each having a different "data point"


      EmployeeLocationData Point
      SallyNew York1.1
      StanNew York0.89


      I want to show a simple bar graph (one bar per location) with each bar representing the number of values below 1 and equal to or greater than one, as a percentage of the total. And colored by "below 1" and "equal to or greater than 1". So two colors per bar.


      I created this once but cannot reproduce with an updated set of values. Driving me nuts that I can't recreate!