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    adding a lookup table from file

    Elad Lanir


      i have been looking all over for this but cant find.


      i have a sales data in a MySQL database and a lookup table of seller names on a text file (tab delimited if it metters).

      how can i join between the two without having the use the connecting dimension in the view?


      for example:

      data is detailed by date, country, salesman_code,

      external text file has salesman_code, salesman_name.


      i want to display total sales by date and have a quick filter by salesman_name.


      to my understanding "data blending" is not the solution im looking for since it obligates you to use the connecting dimension on the view.

      so, any ideas?

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          Ben Porter

          Hi Elad,


          You can use a primary group for your blend. 


          On a new worksheet, drag the salesman code from primary, the salesman_code from secondary, the salesman_name from secondary, then click the carrot on the salesman_name and create a primary group.


          Primary Group.jpg

          In the dialogue box you can name the group what ever you like, and then it will appear in your primary data set.  Good news in Tableau 8 you won't have to do this...Blends work like SQL joins!!


          Message was edited by: Ben Porter KB article below http://kb.tableausoftware.com/articles/knowledgebase/how-create-primary-groups-secondary-source

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            Elad Lanir

            Hey Ben,


            Though it's been some time since you replied to this post, I wanted first to thank you.

            It was helpful.


            But, I think I found a bug, or maybe there is something I'm missing here...

            If I do your above suggestion while in the phase of creating a data source, its working great.

            But, assuming I already have a data source on the tableau server and I now want to add a lookup dimension to it, as long as my data source is the Tableau data file, the above suggestion doesn't work and I get an error with something about the data in the secondary source is aggregate and cannot be linked....


            Now, if my data source is of a few millions of rows with incremental update, I would like to avoid the option of dropping the data file from the server and reloading it all over again.