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    Aggregation in Group

    Ram Hardikar



      I have created a group by the name 'All Others' which shows overlapping values, probably because the values are not summed up. Appreciate if someone could let me know how to aggregate values within a group.


      P.S. Screenshot attached

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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Ram,


          This is happening because there are multiple dimension members in Spending that match up All Others. There are a couple of options that come to mind. One is to use a table calculation that pulls out the highest value in that group, similar to the following:


          lookup(max([Spending]), last())


          However, my guess is that this won't give you the result that you want--which is probably a sum of all the dimension members in the All Other Department. In which case, I would recommend, changing Spending from a dimension to a measure. You can do this by creating 2 calculations similar to the following:


          1. REPLACE( [Spending], "M", "000")


          2. int(mid([Above calculation], 2))


          Hope this helps!



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            Ram Hardikar

            Hi Tracy,


            This definitely helps to convert a Dim element to a Measure. But I am still confused how to use this to show the group aggregation along with the numbers on the other rows.

            If I use this calculated field then I lose numbers for other rows and if I don’t use this calculation then I back to my original problem. Surely I am missing something. Appreciate your help here.


            I have attached a screenshot of the calculated field in use.

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              Ram Hardikar

              I also want to highlight that numbers in the excel are of the format '$11,804M'. Not sure if this is causing the numbers not to sum up??

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                Ram Hardikar

                This is what I tried and the aggregation worked for the group -


                In the spreadsheet, I stripped the '$' & 'M' chars from the string and converted it to number. Now when I used this updated spreadsheet, I was able to get the aggregation for the grouped members. So long as the underlying data is numeric the aggregation happens automatically.


                But I have a feeling that there could be another way to handle this directly in tableau without the need for editing the data. Any suggestions to achieve that are much appreciated.