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    Displaying two different sets of data within the same dimension on the same graph

    Ahmet Eser



      I am trying to display a dataset using two sets of graphs. A sample workbook with the relevant data is attached. I couldn't get this to work; so  I would really appreciate any guidance or creative solutions.


      I am basically trying to have a continuous line graph for the values of event X and overlay it with vertical lines (thin bar graphs maybe) for the occurrences of event Y. If you look at workbook, I basically want to combine the first graph (sheet named "Graph 1") and with the the second graph (sheet named "Graph2").


      I guess I cannot do it from the same filter; so I tried having one filter and one calculated field as well as two calculated fields for each on a blended y-axis, but cannot get multiple mark types to work. I also keep running into this problem that I usually need to filter out null values for event X so I can get a continuous graph but when I do that, the times of  event Y (because they occur on different time instances) get filtered out as well.


      Anyways, if you can get it to work from the attached workbook,  I can take it from there and see how it goes.


      Thank you so much!