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    YTD Growth Calculation

    Jason Back



      Please find the attached very simple example file.


      I am trying to calculate September YTD YOY growth.  I want to have a filter or parameter to choose a certain month which allows the visulation to calculate YTD YOY gorwth (not month YOY).  When I do the way in the attached file, YTD growth in the quick table calculation is disabled.


      Anyone has solutions, I would appreciate it. Thanks.



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          Andy Piper


          Consider checking out this thread:  http://community.tableau.com/thread/117799



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            Jason Back

            Hi Andy,

            Thanks for the response.


            I've tried Jonathan's way but I dont think it directly applies to my situation or I am not fully understanding the logic..



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              Matt Subjinske


                   Have you found a solution for this?  I am looking for something close to this as well.  I want to show the YoY Growth using YTD numbers vs YoY Growth using Months.  I have tried everything I can think of with no luck! =[ ..


              I have tried using the below calc but the % is way off.. This is the same calc used for YoY Growth using Month but switched everything to RUNNING_SUM which should give the YTD numbers..


              (ZN(RUNNING_SUM(SUM([Number of Records]))) - LOOKUP(ZN(RUNNING_SUM(SUM([Number of Records]))), -1)) / ABS(LOOKUP(ZN(RUNNING_SUM(SUM([Number of Records]))), -1)) 

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                Matt Subjinske

                I just figured out my problem.. Not sure if it could be applied to your issues or not Jason.. 


                1. Added my SUM([Number of Records]) pill

                2. Added a Table calc for

                Calc Typ:"Running Total" 

                running along: "Date"

                Restarting Every: "year of date"


                3. Checked the box to perform a secondary Calc on the result

                Calc Type: " Percent of difference from"

                Calc the difference along: "Date"
                At the level: "Year"

                Display the values as a percent diff from: "Previous"


                not sure if that could be applied to your issue or not Jason but it worked for what I was looking for.. Good luck!