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    Clear all filters in one click

    Philip George


      Is it possible to clear all the filters active in a workbook in one click?


      I have a workbook with 6 tabs.Drilldowns are active from one tab to another.Suppose I reached a particular sheet after drilldown and that sheet contain data filtered based on the selection from previous sheet.


      Can I clear the selection I made in the previous sheet or all the filter selection active in one click.


      Currently what I am doing is clicking again on the graph or sheet from where I did the selection.Is there any alternate way for clearing all the selection?




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          Andy Piper



          Currently there is no option to clear all filters within the Desktop and Reader products (though it is available on Server). I know there have been enhancement requests for this feature (http://community.tableau.com/ideas/1170), but I don't know if this has been added to version 8 or not.


          Can someone with the beta chime in and let us know if this is now available in version 8?


          If it is not in v8, I recommend voting for this enhancement. The more votes, the more likely it will make a future release.




          Andy Piper