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    Use and hide quick filter based on parameter

    Lawrence Freeman

      Hi All,

      I really don't visit the forums enough, there is so much to learn, so apologies for me taking away without giving anything back, but I'm stuck!


      In a particular data mart, we have the following relevant fields:








      Essentially, each contract (customer) is assigned to only one Salesperson, but with holidays/sickness, etc, there are occasions where someone else will step in and complete an Order.  Each Order has a date and amount to it.  We currently have two reports for this data mart, one of them has a filter to choose the Salesperson, the other has a filter to choose the Contract, but both showing the same detail of all of those five above fields. 


      What I want is to have one report with an option paramater Salesperson OR Contract, then once you choose one, that quick filter is visible and the other is hidden.  I'm pretty sure that this should be very simple to do, but I just can't see how I can link the option I choose to hiding the filters.


      Can anyone help?


      Many thanks,