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    Formatting logarithmic axis?

    Tom Hewett

      Hello all,


      I asked a couple folks informally at #TCC12 last week this question with no obvious answer, but wanted to throw it out there to the broader 'hive mind' and see if anyone has any bright ideas...thanks in advance for any insight!


      I need to plot values on a semi-log plot, i.e. where the Y-axis (i.e. the value on the Rows shelf) is plotted on a logarithmic scale.  Tableau can do this just fine BUT...the formatting of the axis labeling and the grid lines on the resulting plot leave something to be desired. I've included 2 files showing my attempts at plotting the same data in both Excel and Tableau - Excel's is the formatting I need to emulate in Tableau.


      What I need to be able to do in Tableau is twofold:

      1. plot every horizontal grid line (yes, I know that's generally bad viz practice, but I promise to make them all a very faint color, dashed line so they are as unobtrusive as possible); AND,

      2. only label every 'decade' line (i.e. 10, 100, 1000, etc).


      If I Edit Axis and go to the Tick Marks tab, I can accomplish #2 very easily by setting Major tick marks to Fixed | Powers of 10, but then I lose the minor tick marks/grid lines!  It seems that when the logarithmic axis is turned on, the Minor tick marks option is greyed out. If this was turned on, I think I could get back to the 'Excel-type' display.  These are necessary for me, since the log scale is quite common in my industry and I need to be able to replicate what folks are used to seeing before I start changing it up on them...


      Thanks again,