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    multiple measure shelfs in one worksheet

    Elad Lanir

      hi all,


      is it possible to create multiple measure shelfs in one worksheet?

      i have this dashboard:


      and it is constructed of three worksheets, each has a stack graph with 2-3 measures on the left axis and a trend line on the right axis.


      but, since all graphs are on the same time dimension, i would like them all to be on the same worksheet with a common time axis on the Y axis.

      something like this:



      but each of the graph is supposed to be a stack graph, hens have a number of measures stacked.

      i could only create one multi-tab graph on the worksheet and other graph contain only one measure on each axis.


      how can i solve this issue?

      i don't wont to use several worksheets on one dashboard since it becomes too crowded and messy and lots of space is wasted for a repeating time axis.

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          Andy Piper



          I'm not aware of the ability to have three stacked bar/line charts using the same axis within the same worksheet - this could be something to place in the Ideas forum for product consideration.


          You may be able to achieve a similar look by using three worksheets in your dashboard stacked on top of each other (as you currently are); however, I would hide the Title of each worksheet (except the top one) along with the shared axis of each worksheet (except the bottom one). Using this approach should save some space.


          I don't believe the chart type your looking for is in version 8.0; however, you will have the ability to place dashboard objects within (or on top of) other dashboard objects, so the approach above combined with closer worksheet placement in v8 should get you the results you're looking for (albeit in more steps).


          Hope this helps,


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            Ian Devonald

            Hi Elad


            Using the Sample Superstore data is this the kind of thing you were looking for :


            multiple stacked bar in one worksheet screenshot.PNG


            If it is -  then let me know and if needed I will explain how I created it (workbook attached).



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              Elad Lanir

              hi Ian,

              thank you for your reply.


              i'm not sure yet if this is the solution i'm looking for.

              could you please tell me how did you create the "multiple fields" group on the color shelf?



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                Ian Devonald

                Hi Elad


                Using the Sample Superstore Sales example

                1.     Double Click Sales

                2.     Double Click Order Date

                3.     Double Click Region

                4.     Use 'Show Me' to change to Stacked Bar Chart

                5.      Drop Number of Records onto Rows Shelf next to SUM(Sales)

                          This creates two Stacked Bar Charts - which we will one to a line

                6.     On the Marks Shelf (select Multiple Marks)

                7.     On the SUM( Number of Records) green pill select dual axis

                8.     On Marks shelf select SUM(Number of Records) change Mark Type to Line

                9.     Take Region off the Color Shelf.


                Then, for example, you can then drag profit onto the rows shelf and then repeat steps 5-9 depending on what measures you want to plot - to get your multiple stacked bar charts on one worksheet.

                Hope this helps.


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                  Elad Lanir

                  hi Ian,


                  well its not all the way what i was looking for because in my case, each stack graph stacks N measures,


                  but i guess this can be worked around by creating a aggregated measure that will sum all N measures and a "measure name" calculated dimension that will color the different measures...


                  nice solution....