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    quick filters disappear

    Raoul Leblanc

      I have a workbook with a large number of fairly complex dimensions and many worksheets.  To help me organize, I have about 8 fields globally filtered and have put them on a separate worksheet so I can easily change or reset them as needed.  The problem is that if I place more than three or four of them side by side, the ones on the left disappear and a dotted line (vertical) appears in their place.  This occurs even though there appears to be ample room for the filters to appear fully.  If I make the ones ont he right more narrow, the "disappearing filters" reappear.  However, this is not really a workable solution.


      This is very frustrating.   Suggestions greatly appreciated.


      I am attaching a simplified file to demonstrate.

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          LeeKian Lai

          Does dashboard a better solution of your problem?

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            Tracy Rodgers

            Hi Raoul,


            I think LeeKian's suggestion is probably your best bet. Another option would be to stack the quick filters, place the shorter lists under another quick filter where there is space below.



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              Raoul Leblanc

              Thanks to both of you.  I am not sure why the dashboard thing works, but it appears to.


              Tracy, I sort of need the long menus to avoid having to scroll too much.  the real menus are more extensive than the ones I sent in the example.

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                I have kind of similar issue but it is not consistent. I have 2 sheets and a dashboard. Both sheets have 4 shared quick filters(all mulitiple checkboxes). Once published and login to Tableau server as an Admin user, all filters were fine & working. However, when I logged-out and logged-in as an Admin user again 2 filters were disappered in both worksheets and a dashboard, also the data was not data showing up. I did re-publish the same workbook many times but still those 2 filters were disappeared as well as data.

                In desktop I changed one filter size (thinking it may be a space issue), published the same report and logged-in as an Admin user. All 4 filters were showed up and worked fine. But again same 2 filters disappered after I logged-out and logged-in with same Admin user.


                The behaviour of disappering filters is not consistent. In short, all filters and data shows up only when I change something in desktop, re-publish it and view @ first attempt in Tableau Server.  This behaviour creates more confusion to resolve this issue. Any help will be greatly appriciated.


                Also, I make sure that the Filter permission is allowed.


                Data connection is to Microsoft Analysis Service Cube.